Innovation Strategy: How Leaders Create the Future - The Online Course

Innovation ideas are just ideas,

unless the entire organization can speak the same language and support such initiatives.

About the Course

Innovation Strategy: How Leaders Create the Future is a eight-week online course designed by Professor Vijay Govindarajan (VG) to help organizations implement transformational business model innovations.

Combining frameworks and ideas from VG’s new book Three-Box Solution: A Strategy for Leading Innovation (Harvard Business Review Press, April 2016) and practical implementation tools, the course will allow executives to accelerate the success of innovation in their own companies.

The Three Box Solution book and the online course are highly integrated. The book provides the concepts, ideas, and insights. The online course gives you the tools and methodologies to apply the Three Box Solution in your own organizations. 

Keeping in mind that building a company’s Innovation DNA requires large scale organizational buy-in, this program is designed to be delivered to a large number of participants simultaneously. Using a highly scalable learning platform, it can be run asynchronously or as a hybrid program, blending asynchronous and synchronous digital sessions to maximize impact. Leaders are exposed to a range of pedagogical methodologies, including video lectures, case studies, and application exercises that will apply to your company, and quizzes to test their understanding of concepts, which will help your organization avoid the common pitfalls that many companies face with reimagining their future.

Who should participate in this program?

This program is meant for large-scale deployment across an organization (large groups of employees and stakeholders). It is targeted not only for executives tasked with innovation, but also to executives across functions, divisions, products, and levels.

Develop a Framework to:


Why strategy is about the future, and why do companies need to continuously innovate? How can firms identify market discontinuities that shape the future elevation of their industry? How can firms build the requisite organizational DNA to create the future while managing the present?


How to instigate productive and non-defensive conversations about what it really takes to make innovation happen.


Effective, elegant, and practical principles for making innovation happen in your organization.


How to avoid some of innovation’s most toxic myths, how to build the right kind of team, and how to learn quickly from experience.


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The efficiency game is over - it’s no longer about outsourcing and cost control. If companies want to be really competitive globally, they have to innovate.”

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